Tequila is one of the few beverages identified by its own region of origin (such as Champagne and Cognac). It derives its name from the town of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. Tequila manufacturing is strictly controlled by the Mexican government and only products made from the blue agave plant can be called tequila. Like fine wines, tequila is characterized by the amount of aging it receives. However, since the agave plant takes eight to twelve years to mature it already has a full rich flavor when distilled. It differs in this way from, say, brandy which is distilled from grapes that produce one crop per year and is tasteless and hard to swallow upon it's initial distillation, needing time in wood casks to mellow and develop flavor.  (Adapted from Lance Cutler's excellent book, "The Tequila Lover's Guide to Mexico.")

Blanco or Silver Tequila - Usually unaged tequila, but can be aged up to sixty days. Its intense, invigorating flavor makes it ideal for mixed drinks such as margaritas.

Reposado (rested) Tequila - Aged in oak casks from sixty days to one year where it acquires a smoother milder flavor than Blanco tequila. Reposados are ideal for sipping before or after a meal.

Añejo (aged) Tequila - Aged for at least one year in seasoned oak casks where it develops a rich, deep and mellow flavor ideal for sipping before or after a meal.

1921 Silver $14 El Tirador $23
1921 Reposado $16 El Tesoro Silver $10
Aguila Reposado $10 El Tesoro Reposado $11
Cabo Wabo Blanco $11 El Tesoro Añejo $12
Cabo Wabo Reposado $12 El Tesoro Paradiso $29
Cabo Wabo Añejo $18 Espolon Silver $11
Cabrito Blanco $5 Espolon Reposado $12
Cabrito Reposado $6 Espolon Anejo $13
Casa Noble Crystal $13 Gran Centenario Plata $11
Casa Noble Reposado $15 Gran Centenario Reposado $12
Casa Noble Anejo $24 Gran Centenario Añejo $15
Casta Pasion Reposado $9 Gran Centenario Rva. del Tequilero $33
Casta Pasion Anejo $13 Gran Centenario G. Rva. Azul $59
Casta Worm Bottle $18 Hacienda del Cristero Silver $10
Cazadores Reposado $8 Herencia de Plata Silver $11
Centinela Reposado $8 Herencia de Plata Reposado $13
Centinela Anejo $9 Herencia Historico $33
Centinela Anejo 3-year old $14 Herradura Silver $8
Cielo Blanco $10 Herradura Reposado $9
Cielo Reposado $11 Herradura Añejo $11
Cielo Anejo $13 Herradura Selección Suprema $72
Chinaco Blanco $9 Hussong Reposado $10
Chinaco Reposado $10 Hussong Añejo $11
Chinaco Añejo $11 Lapis Platinum $11
Chinaco Emperador $95 Lapis Reposado $13
Corazón Blanco $10 Lapis Anejo $13
Corazón Reposado $12 Los Arango Reposado $12
Corazón Añejo $18 Los Arango Anejo $14
Corralejo Blanco $7 Maestro Anejo $13
Corralejo Reposado $8 Milagro Mandarin $8
Corralejo Añejo $9 Milagro Silver $8
Cuervo Gold (Mixto) $5 Milagro Reposado $10
Cuervo Black Medallion (Mixto) $6 Milagro Select Reposado $18
Cuervo Citrico $5 Milagro Añejo $15
Cuervo Oranajo $5 Milagro Select Anejo $22
Cuervo Tropina $5 Milagro Romance $28
Cuervo Traditional $7 Monte Alban *Mezcal* $6
Cuervo Reserva de laFamilia $24 Oro Azul Blanco $8
1800 Silver $6 Oro Azul Reposado $9
1800 Reposado $7 Oro Azul Anejo $12
1800 Añejo $10 Partida Blanco $13
Del Maguey Mezcal Chichicapa $17 Partida Reposado $14
Del Maguey Mezcal San Domingo $15 Partida Anejo $15
Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal $10 Patron Gran Platinum $47
Distinguido Blanco $6 Patrón Silver $10
Distinguido Reposado $9 Patrón Reposado $11
Distinguido Anejo $11 Patrón Añejo $12
Don Eduardo Silver $11 Purasangre Blanco $10
Don Eduardo Añejo $12 Purasangre Reposado $12
Don Julio Silver $10 Purasangre Añejo $15
Don Julio Reposado $11 Reserva del Dueño $12
Don Julio Añejo $12 Sauza Gold (Mixto) $5
Don Julio 1942 Ultra Añejo $37 Sauza Hornitos Reposado $6
Don Julio Real $75 Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo (Mixto) $6
Dos Tiranos Mezcal $5 Sauza Tres Gen. Plata $10
El Conquistador Blanco $9 Sauza Tres Gen. Reposado $11
El Conquistador Reposado $10 Sauza Tres Gen.  Añejo $12
El Conquistador Anejo $11 Sol Dios Platinum $10
El Jimador Blanco $5 Sol Dios Anejo (aged 3 years) $15
El Jimador Reposado $7 Talapa *Mezcal* Reposado $6
El Jimador Añejo $10 Tezon Blanco $14
El Mayor Reposado $8 Tezon Reposado $15
El Mayor Añejo $10 Tezon Anejo $16

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